MCU Prays for Pulse Club in Orlando Florida

In the face of the horrific attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando,

We wanted to offer our prayers on behalf of MCU.

Together we mourn, we pray, and we work for peace.

Today we stand with LGBTQ people in Orlando and around the country in the face of hatred and the discrimination that runs throughout our society. Love is love is love.

We stand with Muslim people who face discrimination and retaliation for their faith, and we honor all those who work for peace across interfaith lines. Islam means peace.

We stand with people of color, knowing the ways that discrimination and oppression in our society intersect. We remember this attack took place on a night celebrating Latino/a people.

We stand with all victims of gun violence. Far too many have died to do nothing about the proliferation of deadly weapons in our nation.

We stand together with all people of peace, seeking wholeness in a broken world.

Today we mourn. We pray. We work for peace.


Reverend Dr. Dietra Wise Baker, Pastor Samuel Voth Schrag