Our Work

MCU’s success is driven by the development and training of leaders in member congregations who identify and act on issues impacting their constituencies. MCU provides the tools these leaders need to become involved in the democratic process. These include:

  • Training: MCU offers different levels of training so that clergy and leaders in each congregation can gain the skills necessary for organizing community residents and communicating effectively with elected offi cials, business leaders, and other public figures. At the foundation of training is an experience called “week long” where participants are exposed to all the values, principles and dynamics of faith-based organizing.
  • Public Meetings and Assemblies: MCU holds an annual public meeting each year where MCU’s annual issues agenda is finalized. The annual public meeting includes over 2,500 interested residents, congregation leaders, and public officials. Presentations are made and discussions are held about key regional issues, and offi cials are asked to make a public commitment to action. Smaller public gatherings are also held throughout the year to update residents on public policy, organize action steps, and review progress on key initiatives.
  • Building Relationships: Relationship building is a key aspect of all of MCU’s work. From one-on-one meetings with individual residents to congregation and community-wide meetings, MCU successfully brings people together. As a result, a sense of community is established, and collaboration is fostered. MCU also sponsors annual lobby days during the Missouri legislative session that are typically attended by hundreds of neighborhood and community leaders.