It’s no secret that the St. Louis Public Schools are broken, leaving thousands of children without hope for a future.  Concerned MCU Leaders worked diligently with several state legislators for the passage of the “Persistence to Graduation” bill in the Missouri State Legislature in 2009.  The bill created a fund for districts with a certain percentageclassroom_elemof at-risk children to form programs that would get kids through school to high school graduation, starting at an early age.

Leaders are also beginning to organize parents within the public schools where, alone, their voices are not often heard.  Our hope is to form Parent-Teacher Organizations that do more than bake cupcakes for class parties, but become a powerful force for change within our failing schools.

If you or any other members of your congregation are interested in working with MCU on the issue of education, please contact your Core Team chair or the MCU Office at (314) 367-3484.